Simplifying Insurance is our main Goal

Ultimate Insurance was founded by 2 friends with years of experience in the online world on the idea that shopping for car insurance should be an experience that is quick, easy, and intuitive as possible – so people like us can compare apples to apples in one place and find the right insurance plan at the right price.

We’ve worked hard to create a friendly site experience that simplifying the way to compare auto insurance quotes. We want to give consumers the confidence to choose the right company and coverage for their needs without having to spend hours on the phone, but to have - one-stop-shop.

better car insurance rates, we used to call insurance companies one by one and ask for their rates. After doing so for years we noticed that we’re able to save quite a bit of money and it became evident to us that there’s a real need for an easy price comparison tool that will get its’ users the same insurance savings but in a fraction of the time.

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Effective Price Comparison

Saving money

Nowadays, most people know that they should compare auto insurance quotes online, but they don’t always know where to compare. There are hundreds if not thousands of Insurance websites online.

Saving time

Instead of picking up the phone and calling many insurance companies, you can easily get online insurance quotes by following the easy steps on our website. It’s much easier and it could save you a lot of time.

One last thing

In addition to the savings when you reserve, our website is full of tips that will help you better understand what you should look for in an insurance policy and what are the steps you should take in order to increase your savings.

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